True I am not their biological grandfather, and Boruto and Sarada are not related by blood, but their parents were best friends on the same genin team with me as their sensei.The girl on his right had black hair that hung to her shoulders, black eyes,and red glasses.Also sorry it took a while to get the sequel out.The third reminded Harry oddly of a snake.Harry was strangely reminded of his lightning scar and wondered if the kid experienced something similar.The adult had brown hair styled to defy gravity. ORC Spring 2020. Sequel to Shikamaru at Hogwarts.I've been extremely busy and couldn't figure out how to begin the Sequel.Everyone looked up to see a man casually leaning against a huge gate He wore a mask concealing the lower half of his face.The one in the middle had sunshine yellow hair and blue eyes and strange whisker like scars on his cheeks.Chapter1: Harry was as excited as he could be, sitting on the Hogwarts express.Sometimes the Hokage live here, but our current Hokage has chosen not to since he has a wife and two children..Ron was scooting eagerly in his seat and Hermione had her face in a book.The Konoha festival is currently occurring due to celebrations and I encourage you to enjoy the activities. The Clans are Uzumaki, Uchiha, Nara, Yamanaka, Akimichi, Hyuga, Inuzuka, Aburame, and Senju.Having learned from his last mistake he got himself into an upright position and smoothly landed on his feet.My likes and Dislikes are not of your concern.Harry felt himself falling and tumbling towards the ground.

naruto is a student at hogwarts fanfiction
Konoha and the Hogwarts Exchange Students

Konoha and the Hogwarts Exchange Students Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Naruto Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Qhps naruto caia en harry potter

But he was patient for the long 5 seconds she held herself tensely before letting him gently pull her in until her face was pressed against his chest. “I know I have one here somewhere, Jiji.And what windows there were were broken and crudely covered up with boards.” “Hai,” Naruto responded, still trying to decipher the unknown scripture.However, he had yet to meet someone with quite a story as Naruto Uzumaki, a child who was plagued with misfortune since the very day she was born.You will be split between two very different worlds. Eddsworld ao3. The girl, noticing their gaze, blushed slightly in embarrassment before filling the kettle with the dirty water. “Very good.Hogwarts is a place where they teach children like you to control their power and they can teach you as well.'Magic' is the word he used and 'witch' is what he called her.” Indeed, there were clothes thrown haphazardly, scrolls and books laid open and empty ramen cups everywhere.To be a ninja and acknowledged by the village was her dream.She eagerly broke the seal to see what kind of stuff she would need at a magic school.Before they even had time to respond to the exclamation she had jumped to where she kept the dry tea leaves excitedly. “Naruto. “Yes,” the old hokage agreed, his eyes softening the slightest bit with fondness and perhaps something sadder.A truly incredible feat. “Ah, right! A chair!” the girl exclaimed.In that moment of shock — shock at being smiled at and thanked — he was able to see just how dull and broken her eyes really were behind the squinty smiles she hid them behind.Neither of them quite understood why but they did recognize that it was something important to the girl so they sat politely as they waited for her to finish.Dattebayo!” “Thank you very much Naruto-san,” Dumbledore smiled kindly towards the young girl whose eyes grew wide at the gesture. “Naruto,” Sarutobi called softly.She, however, didn’t even seem to acknowledge that she was on the floor or that she had fallen. A Korrasami Fanfic Modern AU. There wasn't much furniture, but what there was was old and worn down, torn in some places and rotting in others.Dumbledore made it to the kitchen table and stood beside the hokage.Comments: 140 Kudos: 325 Bookmarks: 68 Hits: 6480.He tells her that she has a sort of ability.Their gazes became somber as they took it in. “Sorry, about the lights.As Hokage, Sarutobi knew of the outside world as well as the magical side to it but he didn’t understand it as much as he was comfortable with admitting.It was a small table, only meant to accommodate one or occasionally two people.

There was one student left, that had yet to be assigned a house.Naruto smiled.Everyone looked around and then they looked in Harry's direction, gasping.All students, that are already in houses, sat at their respective tables in the Great Hall.The blast hit Naruto and knocked him to the floor.The whole time, Umbridge had returned to her seat, her face beat red. Shala raan. His robe had a burn in the chest area, but underneath, his skin wasn't even Scratched.As I said before, I am not a part of your society, I am no wizard.Snape's eyes widened and he used a blocking spell.Naruto smirked and patted the boy's shoulder, twirling Umbridge's wand in his hand.There were some whispers from the Slytherines and Snape looked at Albus for approval, who nodded.Harry winced seeing the spell fly through the air, holding his scar.Dumbledore rolled his eyes up at the sky, chuckling..The boy stood near the exit and Snape stood in the front.Before Snape could answer, Naruto flashed through hand signs.For instance, I cannot copy a raising the dead ability, and before you say that it isn't possible, trust me, it is. He slid Fox Fang into his pocket.Teaching students how to defend themselves against.His iris was black and the pupils had become a odd blood red design

naruto is a student at hogwarts fanfiction
A Shinobi at Hogwarts Chapter 1

Harry Potter and the Yellow Jinchuuriki Chapter 1: New arrival, a Harry Potter + Naruto Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Harry Potter Fanfiction series ep.1

Sensing them all at once was overwhelming in a way that seeing them from afar wasn’t.It really was nothing more than random chance that brought him here, and yet he has a hard time not to meddle.Inoichi didn’t frown at him, but Harry understood that the desire to do so was there.It felt like the gaze was trying to pull him in.With one fluid motion Harry was standing straight again, the kid held securely in his arms.His suspicions were confirmed when he was brought into a plain room, with only a single chair placed in the centre of it. 5 Ways Blue Wraith Is Faithful to Fenris. They were indeed in a hospital, the smell of disinfectant pervading everything.Harry laid Sasuke down on the only bed in the room.It truly seemed a mishmash of different building cultures, to the point where some of the houses looked like a mix between several.I just came into the compound and met him, really,” Harry answered.I need to-” He stopped, and his face blanked out.Legilimency might be powerful, but it was not subtle.There was a whirl of leaves for each of the individuals arriving.He waited, and was rewarded with the older brother actually leaving the younger with him, giving him a narrow-eyed stare before he disappeared.By the time they reached the gates the sobbing had gone over to a light sniffling.Out of curiosity he traced the boy’s footsteps, through the compound where his reapers had already helped the souls along.It was not unlike the surety of a dream, where you just knew who someone was even if they didn’t look like themselves.Sasuke had fallen into a fitful slumber, and Tiger had barely moved an inch from their position by the door.Harry turned to see a younger boy at the door, frozen in place as he took in the scene.A single breath of the air confirmed his suspicions.The space around him changed in a way that was not unlike falling into water.While he wasn’t sure what had happened here, he.As he did he felt the last of his reapers leave, finished with the harvesting and on to their next destination. Belladonna deepthroat. He stood beside Sasuke, staring at him intently.He didn’t need to do more than think it before he felt the hairs on his arms stand on end.This person was completely free of a mask, though his face was still hard to read.The front doors were made of glass, and opened up to a reception area.”.Harry might not care much about the family’s death.There was a whole lot of emotion warring for dominance, and Harry watched them dance in the air, making shapes that in the end most resembled fright.Thoughtfulness.To all sides were an endless expanse of these creatures, shapeless but not senseless, all turned to him.

A blonde figure, still in pajamas, sprinted out of the apartment, screaming at the top of his lungs.Just some background on this, they are in the second year in Hogwarts and the Chunin exams haven't started and instead of the bridge mission, they got this one.Also, he had to find out one way to get the blonde and his threats of being Hokage out of his hair.As he left, he heard little kids and behind him, the shopkeeper had handed the children the money. XxXxXx Ron and Harry mange to swing to the side in time, wanting not to get hit by a train.A sick looking student who looked like Ino had asked him if he was a pureblood or a mudblood. Hello could you please recommend some marriage fic. There is a place called Hogwarts in another one of the nations, England.Sakura followed it, running to the front of the said train.The redhead picks up a red letter that had been attached to the bird's leg.I could send a select few of may students, say three and you could send your students over should they could learn about each other. She jumped.XxXxXx Just go to this school, learn about these people and learn at least one thing here was the whole mission.Please review and tell me if you like it.XxXxXxX A small letter, carried by an owl here, lay on the Hokage's desk.He just ignored the Ino-impersonator until said person decided to yell in his ear so he grabbed the moron by the collar and threaten to kill him if he doesn't shut up..He was to be the first one to do that, drill a hole in an Uchiha's head with only his eyes.In a flash, his arm was grabbed by the dark-haired one who didn't even look away for the blonde's face.

naruto is a student at hogwarts fanfiction
Harry Potter and the Yellow Jinchuuriki Chapter 1

Transfer Students Chapter 1: New school, now what?, a Harry Potter + Naruto Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Welcome to Hogwarts - (1) Let's Play Hogwarts Mystery

Comments: 1 Kudos: 77 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 1718.Everyone glared at him in the corridors, after all, he was the only bastard death-eater scum to come back to the school after Voldemort died. Voldemort had taken almost everything from him in the short period of time he had stayed in the Malfoy Manor.Voldemort took everything from Draco, leaving behind only a broken shell of a boy hiding behind a splintering mask and weak facade.It showed Draco just how little his Father cared about him, how much more devoted he was to the Dark Lord than his family.Of course, Lucius Malfoy, one of Voldemort’s special inner circle, had a young, innocent son. Amortentia hermine. Draco had given up.Draco was tired, it was time for him to leave.He didn’t even want to go back; the only reason he did was that the Manor was too cold, too dead and held too many memories.Draco discarded his wand to the side - he would need it no longer - and turned around, his back facing the open air.The same man locked up in Azkaban for life, barely escaping the Kiss.Draco is alone.He had already taken the first steps forward, sighing as he felt the cooling blood run down to his palms.Of course, the boy was a virgin, untouched by a girl or boy.The same man who ended up slaughtering his beloved wife when she refused to obey his orders and hand over their only son.Long, sleepless nights plagued Draco as insomnia struck, carving deep purple grooves beneath his eyes.The same man who always put Voldemort over his own family..He was back at Hogwarts after the bloody war, back in the place, which he used to call home, that he betrayed because of the fearful loyalty to his Father.Many students of the oldest year decided to go back and re-complete their year with no evil masterminds in the way.He leaned back and his feet left the edge, taking him into the night sky, soaring high, just like flying. Harry is worried and knows what he needs to do.He felt like each and every one of his naive choices had merged into a ceaseless nightmare; his hellish life. Big cock archive. The blond placed one foot on the Astronomy tower ledge, before hoisting the rest of his body up onto it, leaving bloody hand-prints on the icy stone.Of course, the boy knew nothing of what could be done to him

As if on cue Dumbledore tapped the chair in front of him and once again it transfigured into a flock of doves. Kakashi and Genma were on board.EDIT 7-7-09: Just merged first three chapters into one.Sarutobi allowed a smile to grace his features as he watched Naruto's retreating back through the window, He could make a great asset to the village in the future, indeed.In all honesty it looks way longer then you'd think and better.Dumbledore seemed satisfied that the old Hokage was going to give Naruto's opinion some value. Fairy Tail. Other than that I got nothing else to say except enjoy and please review.Smiling Dumbledore pointed his wand at the chair he was minutes ago sitting on.Sarutobi nodded as well before giving a snap of his fingers..He knew if the council were here they would immediately push him to agree, The sheer amount of knowledge and ability which could come from this would be a great asset to Konoha in the long run.Both of your parents were great people, Naruto.The easy part was over; the hard part was about to start.As he already knew Naruto had aspirations to become a shinobi and would no doubt become a fine one, but with the power of magic?One could only dream of what Naruto would be capable of, considering how powerful of a shinobi Kushina was.Best chaser Gryffindor has ever had for a century in my opinion.INFO: Title: Of Magic and Chakra Summary: At the age of ten Naruto was given his very first letter.Now he goes to learn of magic and make new friends.Really, why couldn't the boy go through ten seconds without giving the Hokage a migraine.

naruto is a student at hogwarts fanfiction
Transfer Students Chapter 1

Of Magic and Chakra Chapter 1: Prologue, a Harry Potter + Naruto Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

7 People Kissed Naruto Before Hinata

Dispelling the permanent mist that seemed to hang about in Kirigakure, conjuring an ever-full lake in Iwagakure, casting lesser perimeter wards in Kumogakure (and hadn't the Raikage felt better about that.Similar feats of simple yet strongly backed kindnesses had helped him become a citizen of every village except the one he was currently in, and another obscure one in Oto no Kuni.Comments: 20 Kudos: 283 Bookmarks: 70 Hits: 4357.After two weeks of supposed 'obligatory imprisonment', during which he simply apperated out and explored the land, he was finally 'let out' legally.He admitted he would feel the same if told he had visited every single hidden village and improved life there in exchange for citizenship.Currently, however, he was anything but bored. Male syndra. While Harry himself was far above such plebian measures to exert his own will upon reality, he could respect the notion that something he considered the barest of requirements was not at all involved in casting high-level elemental techniques, illusions, and working with the very body to enhance performance - a wand.Of course, his gestures of peace were not all that allowing for lackluster reciprocation after all.It wasn't often one found themselves another universe.Oh Kami, did that boy just transform the entirety of the Hokage's office into chickens.Konoha'a resident jinchuuriki was garbed in nothing but a tattered the tshirt.Regardless, these feats were nowhere near his current level of extreme anger.Not unfulfilled, since he himself would admit he had had his fair share of adventure.He could freely attest to feeling utmost satisfaction (amongst other things.Exactly a month ago, he had woken up in this strange land, where men were so well versed with the ambient magical energy that they did not indeed need wands to use to manipulate it..He would, however, tell anyone who asked that he was far from indulgent in the matter, especially after the passing of one Ginerva Weasley and 'the deception', as he had coined it.Instead, they used hand-signs, or 'handseals' depending on who you asked, to perform limited yet grand feats.But now he was rambling, not that it was something new.Not unamused entirely, because no matter how one saw it, handling a school full of hormonal adolescents with the powers of imprinting their imagination in the very fabric of reality itself was never dull in any moment.The man did remind him of another well-meaning yet horribly-ending old man) when telling the Hokage that he had yelled the Kazekage's ears off about the proper upbringing of his son (while simultaneously casting a permanent feather-light charm on the man's 'gold dust', something he was still amused by) and watching the Hokage's face pale.

A Hogwarts school wants a shinobi to jumpstart a class about different Magic communities, since chakra and magic are the same.The ninjas jumped back suddenly due to instincts, each one preparing a jutsu to use in a second.Obviously I don't own either Harry Potter or Naruto.Naruto walked over to Dumbledore, letting him know that he was ready to leave.Naruto heads off on a new assignment as a teacher.. ALTERED ART SEXY NISSA REVANE BASIC FOREST LAND. Ino was hanging off of Sai's arm as they waited for Naruto's ride to show up.In a few short days, Naruto is to head off on an assignment in the Magic community.Naruto's friends slowly left the gates to return to their daily lives.It would be only a few months later that the Shinobi would discover the Magic community.After lengthy communications between each other, the Magic community has opened itself up to Shinobi work.The current Hokage, Lady Tsunade, thought it would be a great opportunity for Naruto to gain experience in leading, being a diplomat, and the joys of paperwork.Eventually all that was left to say goodbye was Hinata.He spent a day having an all out three-way fight with Kiba and Lee.One moment Naruto and his friends were waiting by the gates by themselves, the next an old man in a grey cloak was among them.With the conclusion of the war, peace has finally been achieved between the Shinobi nations.During the Fourth Shinobi War, Hinata confessed to having feelings for him.Sakura spent most of her days in the hospital, but luckily was able to see him off.One afternoon was spent having an eating contest with Choji.

naruto is a student at hogwarts fanfiction
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Naruto: Hogwarts Chronicles Chapter 1: A Change in Winds, a Naruto + Harry Potter Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Going Through My Favorites List on Part 42

I am the only one here willing to do whatever it takes to end this war. ” “ The reason he is in the folder is because he is our spy.He was framed but without the one who framed him we cannot prove his innocence. dangerously kinky.This is his wife, Molly, their oldest son, Bill, second oldest Charlie, Fourth and fifth oldest Fred and George, Sixth oldest Ron and seventh child and only daughter Ginny. You might have been the one to contact Tsunade-sama and hire them, but you used my money to do so and I’m the only one who knows how they work and what they are capable of. I am setsuna stout sheep. ” They all nodded and put the pendants on.If she does, you will need a permanent ward at St Mungo’s. ” Harry handed out a necklace to each. “You are going to brew them a potion. I’m working on it.And I’d personally prefer it if it was them, rather than someone I care about. “Thanks fox face.Naruto told Tsunade that he knows of the outerworld so she talks to him. Hi?” “ This is Itachi Arthur, current Head of the Itachi Clan.They are poison to our society and we let them take positions in the ministry, let them take control of our country because we are scared of what they’ll do if we don’t.Harry smirked.The ritual was a mix of both magic and chakra.The whiskered blond looked him over.That is pot calling kettle black, little fox.” “Who are you calling fox face, scar head?” “Oh you’re calling me scar head.This mission may take at least a year, if not longer and there is a high chance you will not live to return home.They stared blankly at the old man waving his arms around and speaking with exaggerated care in a language that only Naruto could speak. Void elf porn. They have another son but are not on speaking terms with him.Both boys train in wandless magic but Naruto keeps his magic a secret from everyone.Guard duty won’t be too hard. I should be fine, so long as not too many get dispelled at once. They need to be taken out if this world is to heal from the damage they’ve caused. We need you four to come up with anything that can delay of incapacitate the enemy before they even get to us. “ One entry in there is of a man here at the moment.Kind of like a forced summoning but I can tell you now, the feeling is not pleasant.He’s a werewolf and a member of my family.He is currently a wanted criminal for a crime he didn’t commit. “ He does look like an Uchiha.You will be working on trapping with them. kinky.” Arthur frowned.Naruto, you can make as many clones as you need, in addition to those placed elsewhere. “You are making a scene.

naruto is a student at hogwarts fanfiction

naruto is a student at hogwarts fanfiction

Tomorrow he was just using a henge, risks of broken concentration be damned.Taking solace in the knowledge that he had faced down a veritable goddess before, Sasuke slid open the door and leant against the frame.Sasuke was willing to bet he wouldn't have time to bring up his Susano'o, nor Naruto his Six Paths form, before he was lay on the floor asking himself what the fuck just happened.He scratched at his eyes as they began to itch, which was somewhat concerning.A very bad idea, really, given that an hour later he still hadn't come back and Sasuke had half a mind to tear the train apart just to find him.She was the smallest, and water affinity. Wondering about Tsukumoya Shinichi from Durarara. In the end, they had been among the only ones who passed purely because nearly everyone else was beside themselves with fear of Sasuke or hero-worship of Naruto.We can determine who's loyal to his cause, and who can be swayed.Not like they can't run faster than this metal death trap was moving.And Sasuke and Naruto, S-rank missing-nin and Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, had been forced to take the exam with everyone else if they ever wanted to be recognised as having a respectable rank.Naruto turned to look at him over his shoulder.Other than that I've not got much to say other than I binged the entirety of Naruto in two months, sold my soul to anime, and am back in the trash game of fanfiction.He definitely remembered that he had no intentions of ever, ever using that damn wooden limb, if that answered Sakura's question.How unfortunate for him that this was his delightful little team.

naruto is a student at hogwarts fanfiction

naruto is a wizard at hogwarts fanfiction

He clings to the side and desperately calls out for help, but his friends do not hear him..A tall, lithe body in a black cloak covered in red clouds.I’m going to anywhere you’re coming from.They walk on, laughing and chatting between themselves.Drawn together by the flame, We are just the same: Embrace the wind and fall into another time and space. The Adventure Zone. Comments: 13 Kudos: 376 Bookmarks: 103 Hits: 9986.The other in a white hospital room, with no idea of where or who he was.Even Draco, his brother in all but blood.A hand emerges from the cloak, which the teenager grabs hold of and he is pulled up easily, the man’s strength hidden by his slim frame.His hair, black as night and tied at the nape of his neck.Suddenly he slips, falls and tumbles down the side of the hill they are walking on, flying off the edge into a ravine.A blue headband carrying a scratched metal plate lying above eyes as crimson as blood, which turn deep ebony when focused down on him

naruto is a student at hogwarts fanfiction

naruto is a student at hogwarts fanfiction

naruto is a student at hogwarts fanfiction

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